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Taste our Selection

Red Wines


A family favorite, this dry red has subtle fruit flavors and a peppery finish. A great wine that will silence any critic that claims, “New York can’t grow red wine grapes.”  This variety has proven to age beautifully and retain it’s complex and balanced flavors.


Our table red is slightly sweetened to help blend and balance the multiple grape varieties together, the result is an easy drinking, full bodied wine.  It also has some of our estate red in every bottle.


White Wines

This dry white has a clear complexion with notes of citrus.  When served cold, it brings a crisp flavor to the citrus, but serve it at room temperature and you will notice a smooth and buttery texture.


Our estate white has gone through a unique process where we began the primary fermentation on the skins, resulting in a golden and citrus flavored wine, with notes of tannins.


This wine is sweeter than our other white varieties, but not too sweet.  Balanced with just enough to let the foxy, grape-like, bouquet out of this wine, it starts out crisp with sweet grape flavors, then finishes clean.

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